I have been doing some research on how I will be rating beers for this blog. Some scales were the 5 star system… eh not specific enough. Some scales were way too technical, I refuse to swish a sip of beer in my mouth to captivate the inconspicuously looming flavor of the hops.

That being said, here is my scale I will be using for blog purposes:

99-100 Points
Transcendence. This beer is legendary.
96-98 Points
You have dreams about this beer. This beer has something special. A certain je ne sais quoi.
90-95 Points
This beer is a favorite. It has all that you want and need in a beer. The brewers have given you what you want, and you’re coming back for more.
85-89 Points
A solid beer that satisfies all the requirements, but lacks the qualities you look for in a favorite
80-84 Points
Decent effort here, but you’re looking elsewhere for your next beer. Not worthy of a repeat performance.
70-79 Points
Stranded on a desert island? This beer will do. I guess. You don’t like it, but it’s still beer right?
60-69 Points
Make no mistake, this beer sucks. It doesn’t make you want to cut out your tongue or anything, but it sucks.
50-59 Points
Grab a knife and go ahead and cut out your tongue. You’ve suffered enough. Time to find the bastard brewers that did this to you and get your revenge.

Google Win

But really, what if superman was black?


Respectable Artwork


This blog entry was inspired by my visit to the National Infantry museum this afternoon. As I was looking at all the historical items in the museum I came across a wall of WWII war bond posters. WOW. Our government wasn’t afraid of kicking ass and taking names. Today this kind of advertising would be frowned upon; at least back then they asked for money instead of just taking it. 

Uncle Sam was tough!

Marketing majors need to take some serious notes. Here are some others I feel were worth sharing…



The picture makes this title self explanatory.

”Wait a minute, this guy is claiming to be a tough brute and the first blog is about a video game?!?!?!?”

Sometimes being all that is man means doing some pwning.

I first started playing League of Legends around 2 months ago. I have friends that play the game regularly so I thought I’d give it a try. The game is attractive for a few reasons:

1) It’s free! Free. Its probably my favorite thing. Free food is my favorite food, free movies are my favorite movies, free music…that’s expected.

2) Updated regularly This game is constantly being patched, precisely balancing the game.

3) High skill cap It’s what separates the noobs from the pros. Anyone competitive and competent will agree this is important.

With all good things there are bad, especially in games.

1) Requires long amounts of attention Games take on average 35 minutes to 55 minutes. That is a long time of required attention for a video game, especially when your girlfriend is blowing up your phone.

2) Bad teammates Of course this could be a complaint with every game, but teamwork is so heavily relied upon in this game. One teammate out of 5 not working together could ruin a game for you.

In short: Try it, it’s free!


The Arm and Hammer


Hi and welcome to my blog, The Arm and Hammer. You think that’s a random name? Debatable. Check out that logo. There is no tougher name, no tougher logo. It IS everything that is man. “The standard of purity” - While my blog may not stay as pure, I sure as hell hope my blog can stay as manly as that logo. If I were any good at Photoshop I’d either photoshop an American flag or a PBR in his hand…

Anyways, this blog will be an assortment of my interests ranging from opinions, electronics, movies, music, games, beer, videos, and maybe even facial hair. So please sit back and stay a while and you might even decide you like it enough to come back.

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